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Translation for Ubuntu GNOME Wiki pages


Hey all,

I should present myself a little more before my main idea.. I am Naeîl
Zoueidi Ubuntu-tn LoCo member, am also an active member of other F/OSS

I was thinking last days about a new idea(s) for the Ubuntu GNOME
community, for thus I was thinking about other buttons in the wiki pages
which allow users to read it with their own language..

After some searching on some other wiki pages of other official flavors of
Ubuntu community I noticed that our wiki pages missed some language like
Arabic, French and many other..

By the way I still need approval from the group of Wiki Documentation team
on the launchpad..

I am sorry for the long mail but as I said I am very happy and interested
to work with you guys/gals :)

Again, I am very interested but I'll not do this alone.. and we should work
as one :)


*Zoueidi Naeîl* aka *Na3iL <http://na3il.ml/>*
Ubuntu-TN Member
Founder and President of ISETchux
*"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy." -**
Richard Stallman *