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[Attention Please] Wiki and Documentation Team


Hi everyone,

First, I'm so sorry for the late email. This supposed to be sent earlier
but I couldn't .. was so busy and had much more to deal with. Better late
than never, if we want to look at the positive side :)

With great sadness, one of the most active sub-teams within Ubuntu GNOME
who managed to maintain a FULL Wiki area for Ubuntu GNOME in almost no
time, has come to its idle point :(

Basically, we were 3 super active people.

   1. Ivan
   2. James
   3. Myself

Now, Ivan has got 2 jobs IIRC and he can't contribute as he used to.

James had a real life personal issue and he deactivated his Launchpad

For me, it is long story but I'm doing all what I can. However, alone,
there is no way the Wiki area will be as semi-perfect as it used to be.

That said, we need ACTIVE people for the wiki team.

By active, I do NOT mean you should be online 24/7. However, You're
required to 'often' or 'regularly' be around. EVEN FOR 5 mins daily, that's
more than fine. By active, I mean continuously around.

If - for example - you can contribute ONE hour per WEEK, that is FINE as
long as you will do that EVERY WEEK.

If you are contributing one hour per week every month, that means it is 1
hour per month, not per week. And if you do that only once every cycle,
that is definitely not or even close to be labelled "active". However, each
and every contribution is highly appreciated.

The important pages I usually maintain them always.

We have:


I am sorry to say that there is zero chance for me to maintain all that at
least this cycle.

*Note:* if you're already involved with other sub-teams, you're NOT
required to add more burden on your shoulders. I will not be happy. What we
need is permanent people for minimum 6-months. Usually, it is very
unhelpful to waste time to recruit people for very short term (even less
than 3 months). If you're 100% sure you can't be around for minimum
6-months then I'm sorry, that's not going to be helpful nor worth the

If you can be around for more than 6-months (long term), that's the best we
need, to be honest.

Waiting for new blood to step in and join :)


Best Regards,
Ali/amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>
*Remember: *"All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Ubuntu GNOME OneStopPage <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/OneStopPage>
http://torios.org - http://amjjawad.net