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no sync


Hi folks, 

Nice product.  Very glad to help out where I can. 

I'm having a sync issue.  Initially I decided that since I was allocated
2gb of space, I would try to copy 5gb of data to my ubuntuone drive to
see if I could get an error.  The data copied quickly - since it's local
- and then began to sync over the network.  About 30 minutes later my
desktop PC decided to go to sleep, per the power-save options
configured.   I'm sure the initial sync never completed.

Today at work, I logged into my ubuntu jaunty pc and signed it up for
the ubuntuone service.  I also signed up my laptop as well.  

Now it appears that my home PC believes that it is fully in sync.   It
reports "ubuntu one:idle".   I believe the issue is that since my laptop
and work computer came online and sync'd with the imcomplete data my
home pc (which initiated the data sync) believes that they are the most
up-to-date and isn't syncing.

Anyone else see this behaviour?