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Re: Ubuntuone client hangs, causes nautilus segmentation faults


On Tue, 2009-07-07 at 18:50 +0100, Gordon Allott wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently got my ubuntuone invitation and proceeded to download the client from
> the ppa. Unfortunately the client just hangs when I try to launch it, I don't
> mean that the gui (I assume it has a gui) hangs, literally nothing happens.

There is some slightly unintuitive behavior here, and I have a branch
which makes this behave a bit better. There are a few issues here that I
am looking into, and should have fixes for soon. The browser may be
failing to launch, the ubuntuone-syncdaemon process may be failing to
start, or there could be connectivity issues (especially if you're
behind a proxy, as we don't support that very well at the moment).
There are bugs filed for all these cases, and I will hopefully have them
all fixed soon.

> I then noticed some instability with nautilus after this, notably that any time
> i tried to browse my server via ssh in nautilus, it would instantly seg fault.
> Installing ubuntuone was the only recent change I had made to my system so I
> removed it and the problems went away.

This is fixed in the nightlies PPA builds and should make its way to the
beta PPA in a couple hours. The issue is filed on LP already as bug
#395710 with a lot of duplicates.

Thanks for trying Ubuntu One and reporting the issues!

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