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UbuntuOne status icons


hi all,

I'm testing ubuntuOne and a think which souds strange to me is the following:

- I put in my local Ubuntu One directory (using Ununtu one gnome client)
a folder (about 170M), wait for the icon status to stop spinning.
Then I delete about 100M from my local folder, and again I wait
for the icon to stop pinning.

Today, I turn on my pc, but I see in ubuntuone client the forlder icon
with the emblem

Why the gnome client indicates "downloading".
The folder keeps the contents I want, my PC has always been the source,
so I should not be downloading anything!

Any reason for this behaviour, or is it a bug?


Gianluca Moro                  http://www.giammy.com
Ph.D. Student                   http://www.math.unipd.it/~giammy/
Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics - University of Padova