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Ubuntu One features


       Despite I haven't used Ubuntu One (because I need an invitation),
I like very much this project. However, I feel that this project can
become a very,very cool project if support some features that related
directly to Ubuntu. A feature that I would love the saving
configuration. The save configuration is allows us in an easy/intuitive
way to store the configuration of our applications (eg. firefox, compiz,
appereance, emacs, etc). I know that you can store the folder
".applicationName" and then I download this directory, but it is not
intuitive and easy, apart of that I think that only saving folders it
does not take advantage of O.S. (Ubuntu in this case). One example of
this feature would be:
"Install several O.S. with the same features or install your O.S. and
recover your configuration."
      To to do that, we could have a simple desktop application that
says: "select of the list the applications that you want to
store/retrieve of the server".

      Sorry, if this mail should not send here or if I don't know the
real features that Ubuntu one offers.

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