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Re: Ubuntu One features


Elliot Murphy wrote:
Hi Paul,

This is a fantastic idea and something that we want to do in a version of Ubuntu after 9.10 is finished. Please send in any other ideas that you have. Also, we'll be getting rid of the invitation waiting list completely very soon, so anyone will be able to sign up immediately.

Hi again, I have been thinking about this idea. This idea could improve if when we are downloading the configuration using the desktop application (of ubuntu one), this application suggests the installation of the application associated to that configuration (obviously, if this application is not installed yet). One example of the desktop application of Ubuntu one would be:

* Ubuntu One has available the following configurations, please select the configuration that you want to download:
--- Emacs         x
--- Mozilla
--- Empathy     x

You are decided to download Empathy and Emacs, but Emacs is not currently installed in your O.S., do you want to install Emacs from Ubuntu repositories?

--> Yes

Using this, we could restore our workspace in any machines in very little time or we could install several O.S. (Ubuntu in this case) with applications necessary without spending too much time.

Well, I think it is not very complicated to do that. We need to execute like "sudo apt-get", configuring repository source on-the-fly. Probably, I am very noob to understand the real complexity of that. For example, if the person needs to install Emacs with Auctex (Latex for Emacs), using this idea maybe the person has to install manually Auctex later anyway.

Ok, I hope it can aim you.
Paul Leger

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