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Can't open a downloaded document, what to do.


You uploaded a document, now downloaded and it won't open.  What to do.

Some distros are very secure and when one moves a document off computer, as in the case of using UBO the "execute" permissions may be disabled.  

A typical indicator of this would be that one sees that you can't open the file and the "open" box says it is a "bin" file and asks what to do.

The easiest option might be to "save" and then open it, but if that does not work then this should help.

Without getting into command line stuff, the easiest thing to do is to "set permissions"..BEFORE UPLOADING.

Right click on the document and you will see an interactive box.  Usually, toward the bottom, there is a "permissions" line to click.  You will see a box describing the document. There will be a permissions "tab" click it and you will "probably" see that the execute boxes for "owner", "group" and "other" are not ticked.  It will be up to you to determine which of those you want to tick.  I ticked all three, but, depending upon how UBO develops and how you  want to interact with the document and other's interact with it, you may want to just tick, possibly "owner" and "group" and you set a "group" elsewhere, possibly in UBO.

I realize that folks who are very reticent about security might not like this, but then there is also the security question of doing stuff on the cloud to begin with.  So, it depends on what one wants to do.

If anyone has other questions, please ask and if someone has another solution, please feel free to comment it will not be a problem for me.