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Re: Ubable to update Ubuntu-One on Acer Aspire Laptop


On 08/22/2009 07:30 PM, Johan van Dijk wrote:
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Hi Elliot,

Are you sure that the instructions are correct? If they are correct, I
might have a strange situation on my computer.
The ubuntuone-client-gnome package was installed, but
ubuntuone-storage-protocol wasn't.

Oops, I made a mistake with the name of the protocol package.

And another "me too" on the disappearing ubuntuone applet from the
notification area...

I removed all ubuntuone packages I could find, and after that ran a
"sudo apt-get autoremove" to clear other unused packages.
Then I installed ubuntuone-client-gnome.

And still, ubuntuone-storage-protocol is not installed.
Instead, python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol is installed.

What's the difference between these 2 packages and which one should I

It was my mistake, python-ubuntuone-storage-protocol is the one that should be installed, and it should be automatically pulled in when you install ubuntuone-client-gnome.

And another question: I have the ubuntuone-ppa-beta package installed,
but there's also a ubuntuone-ppa package.
Do I have the correct package?

Finally, if I do have the correct packages, how can I help to find the
reason behind the disappearing applet?

The disappearing applet is expected behavior right now, and we'll be improving it. It's startling to see the applet go away shortly after startup, and we've got a design to try and make it more obvious to the user what is happening so that you can feel confident that the system is working properly rather than wondering if it crashed. Many of the beta testers are reporting that the applet crashed, when really it only hid itself because it was idle.

You can have a look at this page to see the new design for using notifications and when the icon will show and hide itself:


Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/

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