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Re: Package lists for Ubuntu One


On 08/23/2009 01:09 PM, Andrew Yeomans wrote:
> I think it might help to clarify the expected packages, especially for
> those who have been through a few upgrade cycles.

For Ubuntu One file sharing, the top level package is
ubuntuone-client-gnome, and that will automatically pull in the other

For the contacts system, installing evolution-couchdb is the top level
package in Karmic.

For tomboy notes syncing, the latest version of Tomboy in Karmic will
automatically have it.

For Firefox bookmarks syncing, the bindwood package will need to be

Most people have only used the file sharing part of Ubuntu One - we are
still putting in place the final bits needed in Ubuntu to support
desktopcouch aka couchdb and the tomboy note syncing in 9.10 Karmic. The
way it will work is each desktop user will get their own couchdb
instance run automatically on demand, which evolution can store contacts
in, and can be replicated with the upcoming Ubuntu One mobile phone
contacts syncing feature.

The next couple of weeks and months will be exciting for Ubuntu One testers!

Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/

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