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Package lists for Ubuntu One


I think it might help to clarify the expected packages, especially for those
who have been through a few upgrade cycles.

One of my systems has the following (the lines starting "ii" are installed
Synaptic is also offering me ububntuone-client-tools package.

andrew:~$ dpkg -l "*ubuntuone*"
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err:
||/ Name                              Version
un  nautilus-ubuntuone                <none>                            (no
description available)
ii  python-ubuntuone-client           0.92.0+r163-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty
Ubuntu One client Python libraries
ii  python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol  0.92.0+r63-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty
Python library for Ubuntu One file storage and sharing service
un  python2.5-ubuntuone-client        <none>                            (no
description available)
un  python2.5-ubuntuone-storageprotoc <none>                            (no
description available)
un  python2.6-ubuntuone-client        <none>                            (no
description available)
un  python2.6-ubuntuone-storageprotoc <none>                            (no
description available)
ii  ubuntuone-client                  0.92.0+r163-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty
Ubuntu One client
ii  ubuntuone-client-gnome            0.92.0+r163-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty
Ubuntu One client GNOME integration
un  ubuntuone-oauth-login             <none>                            (no
description available)
un  ubuntuone-ppa                     <none>                            (no
description available)
ii  ubuntuone-ppa-beta                2009.05.14-0ubuntu1               GPG
keys and sources for the Ubuntu One package archive
rc  ubuntuone-storage-protocol        0.90.2+r45-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty
Python library for Ubuntu One file storage and sharing service
un  ubuntuone-storagefs               <none>                            (no
description available)

Andrew Yeomans

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