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Re: Getting rolling for 9.10


On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:46:17 +0100 David Barth <david.barth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> ... Could you coordinate with your "masked" developer friend to represent 
him at the Summit. ...

You are being too subtle for me here perhaps, unless perhaps you think I'm 
acting as a sock puppet for Aaron Seigo (since I referenced his mail in my 
previous message).  Let me assure you I am nobody's sock puppet and speak 
for no one.

I do hope we can have a positive discussion here about how best to serve 
Kubuntu users that use applications that drive notify-osd notifications.  
Given the absolute dependence of notify-osd on the indicator (I see it with 
a number of names and I'm not sure which is the current, correct term), it 
seemed reasonable to start the discussion with that.

Scott K

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