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Re: How about developing a spec for all DE's and implement a common low-level API...


Roderick B. Greening wrote:
> Not sure how best to phrase this... however, here goes.
> If we develop a specification and present to f.d.o, which would allow all DE's 
> to integrate this spec via a low level API, which would send D-BUS 
> notifications and allow any "listener" to pick them up and decide what and how 
> to display the notification? 

This is what the Galago notification spec does. This is what is used by
libnotify and notify-osd. KDE uses a variant of this spec but it's not
too different (I was able to make KDE follow the Galago spec with a 3
line patches).

I hope that both parties eventually agree on a new unified spec, and Bo
Thorsten recently started pushing in this direction on the xdg mailing
list, but meanwhile a simple solution is to make the notification system
support both specs.


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