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Re: How should we unify notification handling? (was Re: Thoughts on notify-osd API)


> Scott Kitterman wrote:
>>> David Barth wrote:
>>>> fade_in/out and show/hide should be reconsidered. The Plasma API
>>>> should
>>>> help make that more generic.
>>> Depending on how we want to unify notification handling, we may or may
>>> not need to use the Plasma API:
>> I thought the goal was about the user experience?  I'd like to see
>> notify-osd present itself in a KDE environment in a way that fits in and
>> is harmonious with that environment.  I don't think it necessarily
>> follows
>> from that that the under the hood bits need to be unified to provide the
>> user with a unified experience.
> With unified I mean: have GNOME and KDE applications use the same
> notification system.
> Solution 1 uses notify-osd on both desktops.
> Solution 2 makes GNOME notifications use Plasma notification system.
> Both solutions ensure a user will get consistent notifications, whether
> they use GNOME or KDE applications on their desktop.
As you may have heard, I really like the current KDE (plasma)
notifications system.  I think there are some areas where some of the good
ideas from notfiy-osd could be the basis for enhancements to plasma
notifications (as an example, I like the idea of grouping notifications
from the same app to deal with flooding - in 4.2, plasma notifications
don't do that), but I can't imagine in Kubuntu there would be much
interest in replacing plasma notifications with some third party system.

Scott K

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