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Re: Getting rolling for 9.10


On April 24, 2009 4:42:41 pm Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > Yes, although talking with one of the developers (notmart), he's not sure
> > of
> > the best way for them to replace the notification system. David and Ted
> > should
> > probably just talk to them in more detail about it.
> I do hope replacing the existing notification system in KDE isn't what
> they are planning, I was just talking about a KDE front end for the
> messaging menu so that apps like pidgin that have had their notification
> system modified to require it can work well in Kubuntu.
> Scott K

I agree. I believe completely swapping out the KDE notifications may be the 
wrong approach at this juncture. I'm all for adding support for Gnome 
notifications in KDE, as long as it's supplemental (or an augmentation) to 
existing KDE notifications. There's no reason both couldn't work cooperatively 


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