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Re: Getting rolling for 9.10


> On Friday 24 April 2009 10:54:02 am Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> > On Friday 24 April 2009 12:50:52 am Ted Gould wrote:
>> >> I guess I feel that it would need to be in the systray if we wanted
>> it
>> >> to be consistent with other things in the systray.  But, correct me
>> if
>> >> I'm wrong, there are other things in the KDE panel besides the
>> systray.
>> >> It seems like we're more interested in being integrated with those.
>> >> Which would mean a plasmoid, not a system tray item, correct?
>> >
>> > Yes. This should be a new plasmoid. You should not hack the system
>> tray
>> > plasmoid, especially since it is going to completely change in 4.3.
>> But since 4.3 is the version we are using in Karmic, shouldn't they be
>> working towards using the new system that's in 4.3?
> Yes, although talking with one of the developers (notmart), he's not sure
> of
> the best way for them to replace the notification system. David and Ted
> should
> probably just talk to them in more detail about it.

I do hope replacing the existing notification system in KDE isn't what
they are planning, I was just talking about a KDE front end for the
messaging menu so that apps like pidgin that have had their notification
system modified to require it can work well in Kubuntu.

Scott K

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