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about notification unification



have you seen this blog post from aaron seigo ? :


particularly the last paragraph :

"As this plays rather nicely into Canonical's "rethink notifications"
activity I'm hoping they might pick it up and work on an upstream-able
implementation for the GNOME desktop. In fact, I think the introduction
of the messaging indicator library is a misstep in terms of cross
desktop usefulness (what happens when you run a messaging indicator
enabled gwibber in KDE, XFCE, or whatever other desktop?) and
application patching efforts. Everything they have done there is (quite
intentionally) 100% possible with the new spec by simply marking the
entries in the application as type "Messaging". Then there is no need on
the application side to figure out when to switching between the
"traditional" system tray / notification area approach or the messaging
indicator approach, it will work with all older (or just different)
systems, etc."

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