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Need for a notification system which allow actions


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The notify-osd is a very good looking notification system but pity
that Ubuntu wants to restrict its use to just bubbles with no actions,
which leaves a lot of the notifications ,which require actions , to
dependent on the fall back alert boxes...

but fall back alerts are ugly, and since Ubuntu is committed to not
allow actions in notify-osd , there is a need for a notification
system which allows actions/hyperlinks as  allowed by the
this alternative to the notification daemon actions can be used *ONLY
for system informations* where actions are required, animated icons
can be used for such notifications.

use scenarios:
1: update manager presents the updates as these notifications , where
the user reads the info and clicks the notification to bring up the
update manager, rather than just popping out the update manager.
2:Window x is requesting attention but the windows list is set to auto
hide and the blinking is not noticed or the user is using a dock and
doesnt notice , since hyperlinks/actions are allowed , just clicking
this notification brings up the window to the front
3:An application is misbehaving, and has to be force quit ,
notification works similarly with just 2 buttons, rather than having a
4: file copying/moving/deleting , notifications with the cancel action
button can be used , these operation dont require window with a
metacity frame, when there is already a button for cancel within the
window , a close on the window frame in not required.
5: synaptic manager/update manager open in first desktop has finished
the updates/installation , rather than popping up the child window in
the present desktop and disturbing the user,  the child window remains
in the first desktop while the attention request is shown in the
notification, again clicking the notification changes the desktop to
the synaptic/update manager.[the child window of the update
manager/synaptic by the way is not even shown in the window list and
in order to notice the child window the rest of the window have to be
minimized, this is an irritating behaviour]
6:Someone is offering to send you a file over the local network ,
accept/decline it.

there can be so many system applications which this
actions-allowed-system-notifications can be used for.

i'v added an idea[Notification Tags] to the wiki<
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationDesignGuidelines/Comments >
hope something is done regarding this is ...


PS: regarding the devs concerns that the users are not realizing the
click through ability of the notify-osd bubbles : a *forced tour* [of
the new behaviour or any new behaviours] on upgrades or fresh install
via a powerpoint or an ogg video should do the trick. since the
concept and behaviour is pretty new and no one would expect a click
through. just a short demo would make it clear to the user of the new
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