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High resolution == small notifications


> Today I installed Ubuntu on my main dev desktop so I can work out some bugs
> pertaining to KDE apps on GNOME and vice-versa. My dev desktop has a very
> large LCD with an insanely high resolution which means text, windows, and
> notifications are fairly small compared to a common LCD I would guess. With
> this, I noticed I didn't notice the notifications. Say that 3 times really
> fast. I didn't file a bug report (yet) because I may be the only person
> noticing this, and it really isn't a huge issue, especially when I was
> never a huge fan of notifications in the first place, however I do
> recognize their importance. Maybe this isn't a bug, but just means that I
> have to get used to the notification bubbles in the top right instead of
> what I have in Kubuntu with larger notifications in the bottom right.

On the UDS blueprint, it say "* experimenting with better positioning
for the notification bubbles", so it looks like positioning is up for
discussion. (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dx-karmic-notify-osd)

I have a very large screen myself and I'm using 2048x1152 px and I
agree that you can easily miss a notification. The fade effect looks
really smooth and doesn't steal the focus, but sadly that also means
you hardly notices it before it's gone - especially for large screens.
I would love to see something like the old volume notification in the
center of the screen
- that would make it easier to spot.

Just my 2 cent. Keep up the good work. I'm really looking forward to
seeing what will land in 9.10

Best regards

//Mads Rosendahl (MadsRH)

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