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Re: Message Indicator message weighting


> If I have to go into my email configuration and specify an email
> address that's "important" so that it "gives me the green dot", that's
> a LOT of work. On its own, the payoff (a green dot on new email from
> that address) isn't really worth it. ESPECIALLY if "I get frequent
> email from" these same people - in that case, I may as well just use
> the green dot to indicate ANY new mail, since there's a good chance it
> comes from one of those people.

It might be worth considering some useful defaults, I consider email
with my email address in the To field to be more important than emails
to me in the cc or bcc fields. I also consider emails from mailing lists
to not be worth immediate notification.

Although Evolution doesn't have any mailing list handling yet, so I
don't know how feasible it is.

I agree on the Contacts infrastructure, more work on social contacts and
cross data contexts would go a long way to putting Ubuntu above and
beyond any other operating system. (if done right)

Regards, Martin

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