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Re: Things I have noticed


Jordan Mantha wrote:
> I agree with these for sure. I'm having issues with positioning
> because I use the top-right of my screen a lot and I keep having
> notifications "flashing" because I'm using my mouse in the area of the
> notification. Bottom-right would work a lot better for me I think.
Bottom-right makes appending very difficult, because the existing bubble
has to expand UPWARDS in order to append content at the bottom.

>> I have to admit, when I first saw notify-osd a few months ago, I hated it.
>> But now that more applications are supporting the system, it feels *a lot*
>> better -- not perfect, but better.
> Ditto. For as much as I've complained (even though I've always
> attempted to be constructive about it) about notify-osd over the last
> couple months, Jaunty ended up pretty well. I think there is a lot
> more to be done, and maybe some things to rethink, but I appreciate
> Canonical's work on opening this project up more to the community and
> hope they can do even more for Karmic.
It feels like we need to do the following to be successful:

 - expand the number of apps which respect the spec and don't send
actions when the display agent doesn't support them, getting rid of the
ugly fallback dialog
 - generalise the messaging menu, and expand the set of indicators, to
provide persistent action-like-loopback for the cases that matter
 - add gconf options for a few things which advanced users say they
want, which we don't want typical users to have to worry about, but
which ultimately boil down to being a matter of taste

Patches for the latter will be gratefully accepted, though exactly what
falls into the latter may be contentious :-)


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