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Re: Questions


Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:
> 1) are features such as display position and display timeout part of the 
> notification spec, and are they handled by the notification daemon or display?
I would consider both of those to be implementation decisions, and
outside the scope of the "standard". If, however, it turns out to be
good practice to have longer notifications visible for longer, then we'd
want to codify that as a best practice and encourage other display
agents to adopt the pattern.

> 2) are display decisions, such as whether to show a notification or not (e.g. 
> in presentation mode), handled by the notifcation daemon or display?
At the moment, things like "presentation mode" are pretty much an
ad-hocracy. We'd like to elevate that to a more rigorous science, having
a well-defined set of modes and statuses, with clear meanings that are
relevant to LOTS of applications. What does it mean to be "Busy" or
"Offline" or "Available"? Right now, that's a hacked up combination of
whatever the screensaver / office / browser / notification / XXX dudes
decided, and it's not consistent, therefor there's no incentive for the
user to set and maintain the state. We'd like to elevate that, so that
multiple apps follow consistent guidelines in adapting to those states,
increasing the value of getting it right.

> 2) will notification display systems be interchangable in Karmic?
They are already interchangeable. YMMV, on Ubuntu we will only test with


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