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Urgency-display-bar in notify-osd


Greetings everyone!

	For the the development cycle of Karmic an urgency-display bar has been
added to notify-osd trunk.

	If enabled (start notify-osd like "DEBUG=1 notify-osd" from a terminal)
you'll see the application-set urgency of a notification indicated in a


	There's no karmic package for this yet. But if you want to give it a
try grab it from notify-osd trunk.

	The main reason for doing this is to have a mean to quickly identify
wrongly set urgencies of notifications. We could consider adding the
originating application-name to that bar, thus helping to file more
meaningful bugs.

	While it will compile and run on Ubuntu 9.04 I do not recommend that,
since there are patches in trunk which alter some behaviours of
notify-osd not intended for Ubuntu 9.04.

Best regards ...