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Re: Fwd: Things I have noticed


Matt Wheeler wrote:
> Do async. notifications have a maximum height?
> If they do, I think a more sensible position would be max_height away
> from the bottom of the screen, and then place the synchronous
> notifications just above that.
They do, it's 12 lines of text, and on netbooks, that would put the
positions in the same place relative to the midpoint of the right hand side.

> This would solve the problem of having to expand notifications
> upwards, and also keep them away from the middle of the screen, which
> is likely to get in the way more.
I'd like to experience the midpoint scenario before judging if it gets
in the way more. I think detailed info tends to be presented in the
corners, so an overlay like notifications may in fact be least intrusive
in the middle area.


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