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Re: Notifications are annoying when typing in the upper right corner of a window


Il giorno lun, 01/06/2009 alle 10.30 -0400, Celeste Lyn Paul ha scritto:
> kwin can also know when a dropdown or context menu is open. i've been
> looking 
> into the possibility of delaying notifications which occur during
> these types 
> of interactions for n seconds. several researcher groups have found
> significant 
> benefits for these types of "computer-mediated" interruptions.

At an intuitive level can we say that when dropdowns or context menus
are opened, the user is typically doing something short and that
requires focus (such as filling in a form or selecting a menu entry) and
then it is better not to interrupt the user in that precise moment?

I see that when I am chosing a menu entry I wouldn't normally move my
eyes to look at a notification.

Do you have pointers to some document by these research groups?



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