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Re: Things I have noticed


From: Mark Shuttleworth <mark@xxxxxxxxxx>
Jacob Peddicord wrote:

A close button I personally don't see being useful, in the
current state of how notifications are displayed. They come and go
relatively quickly, and by the time you notice a notification to click
the X it may have already disappeared.

I agree.

Actions would be the obvious argument for a hidden option, but
this has already been debated to death.

We won't bring actions back, even if a patch is contributed to do so.
The user experience of "racing to click on the action" is fundamentally
broken, and can't be fixed even though many people will clamour for it.
So, actions require completely different presentation - we think they
should either be in windows which call for attention, or in dialogs.
Our current action handling is a half-way house to tolerate
badly-behaved apps while they get fixed.


+1 , 
hate to click the x to dismiss!

but there needs to be a way to dismiss the notify-osd , in case the bubbles are a disturbance to workflow.

If user receives a mail/im/buddy notification during a presentation,he is forced to move the pointer to the bubble to make it "invisible", 
this is almost the same as clicking the x to dismiss! otherwise he is forced to have the bubble display untill *it* decides to disappear.

how about *ESC key to dismiss* the bubbles? but would ESC be grabbed by the app or is there a way to force the first ESC key press to be recognized by the bubble?
 or a key combo for quick dismissal before the time out?


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