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Re: Things I have noticed


Il giorno gio, 04/06/2009 alle 13.19 -0400, Jacob Peddicord ha scritto:
> Wouldn't the proper way to remedy this would be to close communication
> applications during a presentation? I won't disagree that disabling
> notifications for a time would be useful, but if you don't want Pidgin
> triggering notifications for a presentation, then close Pidgin.

I usually disable networking, but I think in general notifications
should be avoided during a presentation. Imagine I am proudly showing my
own software, and showing how well it works under ubuntu is part of the

Then I have a buggy software that starts notifying me until I kill it.
Very unprofessional but it might happen. 

What I mean is that we need a mode ("busy" in FUSA would be just nice)
where the actions that the computer takes are under the control of the

Disabling not only notifications, but also cron and update-notifier
seems a good idea: it is true that cron jobs (see e.g.
update-apt-xapian-index) may make the computer unusable. Again, would be
very unprofessional during a presentation, or just forcing me to format
the hard-drive on an anger rush, if it happens during my favourite scene
of that cool moovie.


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