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Unity improvement for vision loss people



My friend has a big vision impairment. 
In every day computer usage he is using Windows 7 with big fonts. He is using computer for checking the mail (thunderbird), web browsing (firefox), and watching the movies (vlc player) 

I convinced him to test the Ubuntu for two weeks, and tell me his impressions.

I installed Ubuntu 10.10. After enable some accessibility and appearance set-up, the Ubuntu works like the charm. My friend was very positive surprised with the Ubuntu.

Most annoying problem he found:
- readability of the currently opened applications in launcher - after open the new applications he has problems with notice, which  application are already opened. There is only small arrow on the left side of icon. In Windows 7 there is no such problem. Is is possible to implement some more readable look? 
-  readability of the currently active application in launcher - Currently there is small arrow on the right side of icon. Is it possible to do it more readable?

With this problem solved, the productivity of vision loss with ubuntu will be much higher.

What do you think about his ideas?
Do you think it is possible to change this looks in Unuty?

Best Regards

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