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Re: unity at the bottom


Dear friends,
                   Discussion on the bottom unity seem to have stuck.
Here in this mail I present my experience with the users who used ubuntu
first time. Be it that I installed it on their computer or they uses it on
my computer, each of them, yes without an exception, had trouble with the
left side panel showing as an uninvited guest, and it really annoyed them
just as it annoy me some time.

I reread all the mails in the thread and I think we need to ask ourselves
questions about the current design.
1) Why do we want the launcher on the left, is it only to save the vertical
space or there is more to it?
2) What is the philosophy behind the current design. I think Swapnil had
some important things about the design of unity. I think we need to clearly
note down the philosophy behind the current design. This question is
important. The sense I got from the above discussion is that the current
design tries to give value to the word unity by unifying the left launcher,
dash and the top panel. If that is the only intent, I am sure we can have
some better, more symmetric design which preserves the philosophy of the
design ( this is what I call unifying) under the position changing of the
left panel.
3) Do we actually believe that we can pave our way through the ecosystem
where apps assume left edge free of panels, and force them to write
applications optimized for unity look.
4) One of the main thing in the design should be to minimize the number of
steps and/or mouse traversal distance to do the intended action. I think
the position of lenses at the bottom of dash increases the mouse travel in
comparison to have them below the search bar.

I personally think.

Having the Dash in the center of the screen, leaving space on all the sides
when not maximized is more symmetric.To give a unified look we also could
give the dash a visual 3D effect to visualize it out of the desktop,
connect the corners of the screen with the corners of the dash thus giving
it a box like look. whose five faces are visible and desktop as the bottom
face. its just an Idea. I am sure people have better ideas to give a
unified look.

I hope I made myself clear enough to understand.

I attached a image to demonstrate that how difficult can it be to use the
kind of app in the image which has so much clickable area along the left

Thanks to all of you.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 23:29, Davor <davor.buday@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> **
> Dana Thu, 01 Dec 2011 22:15:12 +0100, Ryan Gauger <rtgkid@xxxxxxxxx>
> napisao/napisala je:
> > It does give more customization to users. I understood what Shuttleworth
> > said about why Unity wasn't more customizable in Natty: because it was a
> > 1.0. But now that it's not a total 1.0 anymore, why not add some more
> > customization like being able to choose the position of the launcher? I
> > also like the idea that it could also be on the right side of the
> > screen.
> *I absolutely agree - easier to use (for right handed too) - window
> controls in well known place*
> A
> > lot of people reading this might be thinking "What about indicators?"
> > Well,
> > they could be moved over a bit, or just stay where they are, since the
> > Dash
> > Home button is not on the top panel anymore. Good thinking, Christian!
> >
> > ---Ryan
> >
> > On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Christian Rupp <christian@xxxxxxxx>
> > wrote:
> >
> >> I know it was discussed several times, but a plug-in finally got it
> >> working:
> >>
> http://www.webupd8.org/2011/11/install-ubuntu-unity-bottom-launcher.html
> >>
> >> Should we include it in one of ubuntu next releases as a easy to
> >> activate
> >> option
> >>
> >>
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