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A few problems with launcher always-visible and ways to improve it.


I have made some tests with my folks (since a few releases now) and yes the launcher always visible is less confusing for switching between apps or launching new ones , but there are a series of other issues that many times avoid full time usage. 

1-Make the launcher less distracting and more subtle:

The Rainbow of colors (too many backlights On at once) is very distracting, specially with a maximized app. They sometimes feel the launcher is part of the app or that they cant focus enough...

Is why i found the dodge so useful in this situation to avoid these frequent distractions and focus more on the task at hand.

a) Another way to minimize distraction would be to use the "backlight-toggles" option by default instead of backlights always-on. Yes, is not as efficient as the dodge to keep the focus, but it helps.
Should submit bug?

2- Harder to switch between several apps with multiple windows, because of the constant invoking of the spread/Exposé.

submitted the bug, more in-depth description and possible solutions here:

3-netbooks ?

a)use smaller icon size ?
b)maybe keep the dodge ?


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