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Re: On left-clicking the launcher with multiple instances running


On 02/15/2012 06:19 AM, mm wrote:
Though what happens if the last viewed window is minimized while there
are still others open? Would clicking on the launcher (if another
application had focus) bring forward the minimized window (which was
last-focused) or the last used open one (the, um,

If the minimized one is brought forward, that goes against the 'ignore
minimized windows unless explicitly requested' tenant, whereas if it
brings one of the still-open windows forward, it breaks the
'last-focused' rule. Either way might make sense, but cases like this
make it tough for the user to predict what will actually happen when
they click on the launcher.

The "last-focused" rule should be amended to be "last-focused of those that are not minimized". Because minimizing a window means putting it away, making it have less weight than any non-minimized window. I also suspect that naive users will see the difference between minimized vs not-minimized (obviously), but may have no (complete) concept or awarness of focus. Thus "breaking" the last-focused rule should have less impact to them, than "breaking" minimization.

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