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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 02/14/2012 09:52 PM, Josh Strawbridge wrote:

does autohide even offer any real benefit over always visible? i doubt
it but i'm sure there are plenty of people who would rather not have
their launcher *always* visible.

More space, less distraction, obviously.

if someone is going to change from the
default it's all about user preference not user benefit.  it's because
they like it more rather than because it's so much more beneficial.

It is very much possible that changing a setting does lead to an objective, measurable benefit for the particular user.

we're obviously not getting dodge windows back in it's old form so how
about mixing in some of it's functionality with the remaining two options?
have that functionality turned on and off by one setting that affects
both options.

Such "mixing" would change the nature of the 2 options into variants of the current dodge.

have it make always visible hide when a window is maximized and for
autohide have it either visible when there isn't any window open or have
it dodge windows.

The first would reintroduce the exact problem found in user testing, that to new users, it seems like the Launcher suddenly disappeared for no obvious reason.

i don't see how "this is bad for new users" directly means "this is just
bad and we should get rid of it completely."

A good point that directly leads to the question of weighting. If Canonical puts so much weight on the initial experience, we may argue that they should not, as most users are beginners only for a short time and the majority will reach and stay at some intermediate level. Of course, only if the first time wasn't too frustrating.

But this needs to be argued about only once, the rest is noise.

If bombarding Canonical with complaints would "help", the window close/min/max buttons wouldn't be on the left anymore ;)

Thorsten Wilms

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