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Installing Apps right from the Dash


While i don't really like seeing "random, non related and info-less apps" available for download in the dash when am just browsing, I do appreciate related or relevant apps to appear for my Searches.

For example if am looking for skype and i dont have it installed, the section "apps available for download" should appear and offer it as a recommendation to install. this type of search is usually much faster than waiting for usc to open and then making the search.

Also even if I unpin usc from my launcher (on purpose or accidentally), i would still be able to search and install the apps i want quick and easily.

Maybe you could also use the dash as an alternative to apt-get and search / install apps on the Background without having to always open the usc UI. Lots of people prefer this method specially on slower computers and maybe also Unity2d.

So are there any plans for something like this? 		 	   		  

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