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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On 22. feb. 2012 15:39, Adrian Maier wrote:
Sorry for ranting , but killing productivity for visual cuteness is
not progress ...
It should be possible to have a classical menu with applications
categories  (maybe on right-click on the desktop).

I would agree that showing the filters by default would make things easier for users when exploring the system in the first hours of use. I completely disagree that Gnome Panel menubar (which people unfortunately refer to as Gnome 2) is more productive. Quite the contrary.

My ten most used applications are on the launcher. So it will never take more than one second to launch any of them. The six second-most used applications are also extremely fast and easy to find. You just tap super, and they're there. If I click "See more results", that list is expanded to show my 13 second-most used applications. This might actually be because I don't use more than 23 applications that frequently.

If I need to launch an application that is not among my 30 most used applications, then I search. But even if I wanted to navigate by mouse, that wouldn't require more than 20-30 seconds and since this is necessarily something I don't do often, I don't see it as a problem.

I test everything. I've been trying out both Xfce, LXDE and Gnome Panel. Those menus are far less productive if you already know what software you have installed. You still need to do manual search of the menus, and no matter how hard I try, I can never match the speed of access that I get with the dash.

My personal conclusion :   the current Unity is just as disappointing
as last year.

If your personal expectation was that the dash should be a clone of the existing Gnome Panel menubar, then it's easy to understand that disappointment. It's a different product. But to me, it doesn't really sound like you've tested this with an open mind. It sounds as if you were expecting a directory interface. It isn't.
But there is still zero configurability   (in settings ->  appearance
the user can only change the  wallpaper  and  autohide the launcher .
   Quite hilarious in a sad way  )  .

There's zero configurability, you claim, and then you start to enumerate the config options. :)
My main showstopper  :  no classic applications menu.

Sounds to me as if you want to use the classic desktop instead then. What's wrong with that? If you have a habit, it might be more comfortable for you to keep doing things the way you're doing it instead of switching to another workflow. If you want to participate, however, it would be nice if you tried to share ideas and not just list things you don't like.

An obvious solution to your problem, for instance, is to simply display the filters by default.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad