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Re: Ubuntu, Toolkits, Precision, and the Future


You're right that the vanilla isn't very good. But does that somehow mean
that we can't make it better? Just because those examples are bad, doesn't
preclude the possibility.

Now, don't put words in my mouth: I didn't say make TDF make a GTK version
of LibreOffice. I did say there was room for exceptions. I called for a
strong push for a unified environment, not a dictatorial sweeping away of
all things not in that specified toolkit.

Those things may be "mere technical details", but they still have
forward-facing implications. I thought the complacency you're expressing is
just something that will lead to an even more nebulous Ubuntu.

See, Ubuntu is still about choice even if this idea for a push is taken up.
I'm not saying push out all the application from the repos that don't match
the vision either. I'm saying make the default look good, consistent and be
an example for those who might want to develop *for* Ubuntu. If we continue
to be bothered by the people who think that, just because we're trying to
improve Ubuntu, it leaves them without the option of apt-get'ing a
different choice, where will that leave us?

Besides, the actual toolkit, programming language are mere technical
> details. Users look at the functionality, appearance, performance and
> stability - and changing a toolkit will not magically improve those.

Never mind that the toolkit is strongly tied to the functionality and

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