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Action Dialogue for Unity Lenses


Hi all,
I really like the Unity Lenses but I have one big problem with it. Every
lens always take an action which is defined by file type or service.
For Lenses how the Application Lens that is no problem. But if you look
for example to the music lens the user don't want always only to add
songs to the current playlist or start a musicplayer basically.
I think the unity lenses need a default user dialogue which ask what to do.
Similar to Android. Here the user get a list of installed apps which can
handle the selected file type or service.

I created a small mock-up to show you how I imagine this:

After the user select song(s) the dialogue pop up and the user can
select what to do.
In this example you have the possibility to play the selected song(s)
and replace the current playlist items, add it to the current playlist
or open the folder location in nautilus.

Also should exist a possibility that the user can define default actions
and also to change this later.

I think that could be very useful for the default music lens but also
for some community lenses.

So that's all at the moment. Let me know what you thinking..


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