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Re: Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps Available for Download"


Can we all please just drop this subject, this is not a suitable topic for an Ubuntu mailing list. Please try and be respectful of peoples beliefs and cultures and remember we do have the Code of Conduct on this mailing list.

Now can we please move on.


On 24/02/12 16:16, Ian Santopietro wrote:
I honestly don't think anybody is trying to say that christianity is
"wrong". But what a lot of the people here are saying is that they
don't personally believe in it. It's wrong for them. You are fully
entitled to believe what you choose, and no one here is trying to push
you to do otherwise. However, like it would be wrong for them to try
to push their (dis)belief on you, it's equally wrong for you to push
your's on us. Live and let live, in a nutshell.

There is nothing wrong with being a christian, if you so choose. What
is wrong (or at least inappropriate for this mailing list) is trying
to make other conform to your belief.

Now, please, back on topic?