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Re: Launcher should be optional on secondary displays


Le 24/02/2012 18:08, Jan Claeys a écrit :
Nicholas Skaggs schreef op wo 22-02-2012 om 11:25 [-0500]:
So what's so bad about edge detection? I move windows and my mouse
cursor back and forth between monitors, and the edge detection for the
launcher between the monitors traps my mouse in a non-intuitive and
annoying way :-( I am currently running a dual monitor setup, one screen
on the left, the other on the right. It's not pleasant to work on both
monitors given you have to slide your mouse thru the annoying trap in
the middle constantly. My fluid mouse movements are interrupted, and I
am forced to over accelerate my mouse to get across the edge. I have
played with the sensitivity settings, but this has little effect as the
issue is still there.
Did you (or the ayatana team?) try setting a small delay (probably about
100ms is enough) on the Compiz edge detection?  An option named "Edge
Trigger Delay" is available in the "general settings" in CCSM.

I lowered this setting to 0 myself, I understand the aim of it, but i can't work with it, i'm glad the setting is there.

(sorry for the direct answer before Jan, i clicked on the wrong button)

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