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Re: Tweaking ubuntu interface just a little bit


>  1) Hard to rate music
> I asked them to rate music, the average time was 16.3 seconds with
> banshee running when it was off the time ruffly rose by 10 seconds, they
> all agreed that it is to hard and keeps the users from enjoying the
> music so what i propose:

Banshee is no longer the default application. Is rating music that
critical? I'm under the impression that not many people bother with it or
if they do they are either enthusiasts that will figure it out or would
utilize WMP-like downloading of an "official" rating. If any testing should
be done, should have been with Rhythmbox. (Though, who's to say that will
stick around after this cycle, we switch so often.)

> 2) Not able to jump strata to the app or document you are working on
> example :
> Here you can see there are two documents opened, but you can not chose
> the second document directly instead you get this animation and this
> screen
>  This is not bad but when you are doing work and time is money, you want
> to do your work fast so i recommend adding thumbnails like windows 7
> does, it will be more practical and faster to jump in for windows users

Is the time, compared between double clicking on an icon and clicking the
requisite window really that much higher than waiting on the (usually)
smaller thumbnail to show up in the WIndows 7 taskbar and click it? I don't
think it's that big a tradeoff for whatever small time difference there may
be. Every system will take some getting used to.

3) super W keys add more functions
> This is the best way to select running apps in ubuntu but I think it
> lacks functionality i think it should have ability to Colas running apps
> it will help users organize there running apps better
> example

Window spread is useful and, IIRC, there is a bug filed to allow closure
from spread. (As of right now, I've *heard* you can close windows with a
middle click.)

> 4) Themas, hard to get themes
> When we are talking about average user they will have ruff time getting
> new themas in ubuntu so i recommend adding more themas in customize
> appearance

We have two themes by default, one in the archives. We do have the issue of
the new appearance pane not recognizing any but those themes, but we want a
level of quality. It's better to have a few REALLY good themes over several
iffy ones. AFAIK, most "average" users don't change themes from the default
anyway. And for intermediate users there are things like MyUnity and Ubuntu
Tweak to play with to cover the current deficit in Appearance settings.