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Re: Compiz Spread


On 02/28/2012 09:23 PM, Nekhelesh Ramananthan wrote:
Hi all,

The compiz spread that is currently seen in Ubuntu is a nice way to see all the applications running. However, when you have many windows open it can sometimes be confusing which window is what. I was reading through some blog post about Gnome Shell having a similar feature but they provide an important improvement.

1. They provide the application title below the windows shown in the spread. 2. They provide a close button to close the application directly in the spread itself.

Thoughts? I think this would make an interesting update for spread mode.


The topic has been mentioned a few times . I'll sum up my views on how the spread (scale) should be improved (including your remarks) :

1. Change the speed from 1.4 to 4 (the animation becomes counterproductive after the eye candy marvelling period) 2. Make the option to close windows with middle click (in Scale addons) a default (after the browsers introduced it for the tabs I think it became a standard) 3. Add a "X" like GNOME , so those who don't know about the middle click can handle closing 4. Application titles . I haven't investigated it , but I think there is some problems with the titles in Scale , the options for displaying titles is there ,but it isn't working. 5. Show icon by default . When there are many windows all of them look the same and I think it's best to have the option ,to show icons in the bottom-right of the windows ,selected by default (though I think the best one is with the big transparent icons . That means we need higher resolution icons , wich raises a whole bunch of problems , so it's not going to happen) .

There may have been something else , but I'll be happy if the proposed default settings changes happen .


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