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too many scrolling alternatives



when you're scrolling twitter down and it loads more tweets,
the page becomes bigger, so the scrolling step becomes bigger too,
so you jump a few tweets, then you have to scroll back.

The keyboard has two kinds of constant scrolling (up, page up).
The mouse has one kind of constant scroling (click up)
and one kind of percentage scrolling (drag scrollbar up).

PlayStation 2 has a directional button that varies direction
in intensity. If you hold up, you move up, if you hold up
very strong, you move up very fast, if you hold up extremely strong,
you move up extremely fast.

I wish the keyboard would:
- stop having left, right, up, down
- stop having page up and page down
- start having a Playstation 2 directional button

We can make something like the PlayStation 2 directional button
with a GUI for the mouse.
We make a circle. Inside the circle:
- if you click up near the top edge, you move up fast
- if you click up far from the top edge, you move up slow
Same with down, left and right.
We drop everything else to simplify.

What do you say?

Best regards,
Pedro Bessa

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