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Volumes remain in launcher after unmounting


While performing iso/upgrade testing I noticed that after mounting a volume in my multi-boot testing box to copy files, and then unmounting that volume by right-clicking it in the launcher and choosing to unmount, the volume still appears in the launcher even after it's unmounted.

Is that a bug or is it intentional? It seems odd because external volumes like flash drives or USB hard drives seem to follow a more "sane" behavior of disappearing from the launcher after choosing to "safely remove".

Of course this is not something that would be commonly done on a day-to-day basis, at least not by me. Generally any additional volumes I'd want to mount on a regular basis would be added to fstab and symlinked to /home.

I was just curious. I'm attaching a screenshot if that's helpful. I should note that testing comes first at this point in the game so if I'm slow responding you'll know why.

Lance (aka; Erick Brunzell)

PS: Overall I think things look great!

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