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Drag and Drop with Unity Launcher


Hello community,
Today I had do some office stuff how writing letter, mails and other
things. During this work I regonized that the Unity Launcher don't
support easy tasks how to copy a text per drag and drop from one
maximised application window to another.
The only way to do this kind of task is the classic way with copy&past
or resize the related windows to see both on the desktop and then move
the selection to the other window. But not only text also pictures and
all other file types are affected. Try for example to add a picture to a
mail or document over the Launcher.

Generally I think its a great idea that the icons in the Launcher are
not usable if the type of selection which you try to move is not
supported, but as soon as the application is running and show a window
the most launcher icons should accept any selected type.

My Idea.. If you move a selection to a Launcher Icon which currently
running, Unity should show you all open windows of this application.
Then you move your selection to the window in which you would add your

Here a small video which shows my workaround via Compiz bindings.
The same should be possible via the Unity Launcher icons by default.


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