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Minimize on launcher icon click


Hi all,

A month or so ago I wrote a patch for Unity that implements this wontfixed
request which was made more than a year ago:

The issue is that clicking on launcher icons with a single window of that
app open does nothing, which is very unintuitive. My patch makes that case
minimize the window instead, and also provides a quicklist item to do so,
for the case of multiple windows. I've attached the patch, and you can
install it from my PPA, ojno/unity-minimize-on-click, here:
https://launchpad.net/~ojno/+archive/unity-minimize-on-click. I've tried to
make a screencast to demonstrate it but my only Precise install atm is in a
virtualbox, and I can't get any screen recorders to work. Maybe someone
else could post one.

When I first released this it was covered on WebUpd8 (
http://www.webupd8.org/2012/03/unity-with-minimize-on-click-patch.html) and
OMGubuntu (
but I decided to hold off on this email until Precise was released, given
you all must have been busy testing. Great release, btw. Mostly. ;)

Please reconsider the wontfixing of this. It's a tiny patch, doesn't
interfere with Spread or anything else, and makes window management much

Jonathan French

Attachment: minimize-on-click_5.10.0-0ubuntu6.patch
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