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Re: Add Dodge Feature Back to Unity


On 02/05/12 18:18, Ryan Gauger wrote:
Why is the final conclusion no? Why do people on this team hate the idea of adding the feature back in while the world (public) loves the idea of re-implementing this feature? I keep bringing this up because it continues to be dropped, while the public tries to say "don't ignore it! We want this feature back!"? Part of Ubuntu is about being open. This is not showing very well when just about everybody wants this feature, but the design team does not care at all about what the public thinks.
so step up and maintain it. I think you are overestimating the popularity of this particular experiment, but if you want to do the work to keep it working for 5 years across unity2d/3d/wayland then go for it. Saying that you want someone else to maintain it for you isn't really a problem of openness.


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