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Re: unity-distilled list proposal


You don't have to agree with the decisions, you just have to accept that
a decision was made even if you disagree with it, and respect the fact
that someone had to make that decision knowing that it wouldn't please
everybody, which is never easy.

Michael Hall

On 05/04/2012 10:47 AM, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> On 4 May 2012 00:10, Mark Shuttleworth <mark@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> There's lots of value in having a public, unmoderated list for design
>> discussions. It's good to have a place where anybody can generate ideas.
>> And this list is fine for that. I'd like to propose an additional list,
>> unity-distilled, which would be public and unmoderated, but open by
>> invitation only. Participation there would be predicated on a shared
>> understanding of our values, goals and modus operandi. People would be
>> invited if they show an interest, insight into and agreement with the
>> answers to the above boring threads, and several more like them. I'm
>> sure we'll have vigorous debates on -distilled, but folk there would
>> have demonstrated an ability to have the debate, settle the question and
>> move on to more interesting matters rather than letting the same topics
>> come up repeatedly.
> I object to "People would be invited if they show...agreement with the
> answers to the above boring threads." I like helping out with Ubuntu
> desktop design and working with the full-time designers to suggest
> improvements or reporting things that don't work as well. Sometimes I
> even submit patches to fix the bugs! And I generally like Unity but
> there's no way I agree with every design decision (and I'm sure Mark
> and the designers don't either).
> I don't think that agreeing with the design specifics should be a
> requirement to participate (and what happens if someone agrees with
> everything except for the window buttons on the left -- would they
> allowed to post or not?). We want to encourage diversity of
> perspective while focusing on creating a single best default user
> experience for Ubuntu. I.e. not groupthink.
> The unity-design list (and its predecessor the ayatana list) is
> amazing in that anyone has a direct line of communication to Mark &
> the rest of the design team. It shows that Canonical *respects* the
> contributions of the community. It's important if you as a non-insider
> want to influence Ubuntu's design that you *respect* others,
> specifically by not wasting time and cluttering inboxes by discussing
> things that have already been well-discussed. There are plenty of
> other pieces of the desktop that need attention and are open for
> improvement.
> I don't think the list should be completely unmoderated (to encourage
> focus), but I don't care for "censorship" either.
> Jeremy