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Re: HUD start proposal (joining: Alt (tap) + Alt (Press)


On 05/05/2012 09:43 PM, Conscious User wrote:
Em 05-05-2012 16:32, cpOno escreveu:
With this proposal: you just have to do: Alt(tap)
Tap Alt... and then what?
No change in the current behaviour. The cursor should be focused inside the HUD. The app. menu is revealed only as a helper/reminder (like a "where to start typing ..." help).

Typing "f" in your mockup will do what? Open the File menu
or make "f" appear on the entry field?
"f" in the entry field

Where will the keyboard focus be? The entry or the menu
bar? How would the user switch from one to the other?
Entry. The user will not switch here... HUD behaviour.
In the future the hierarchical will disappear right ?

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