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Re: Religion in the Ubuntu namespace


Den 11. mai 2012 09:36, skrev Gabriel Pettier:
> I'm with you, I think exactly the same. Except it was a bit naive from
> you to think you could make an old and extremely religious person let
> off her believes, especially because of rational discussions, it just
> can't work. Anyway I don't think you have to leave, I didn't see you
> do any wrong to anyone here, neither attacking anyone for their
> believes. The religious ones just have to understand this is not the
> place to do proselytism.

Well, the only thing I'm asking for, is a calm place to work. Religion
is something I can easily discuss for  hundreds of hours. But I need to
pick the time and place. And this is not it. Here, it's all about Ubuntu
for me.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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