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Re: windows 8 ui


Em 05-08-2012 06:11, Gabriel Pettier escreveu:
Le dim. 05 août 2012 11:06:22 CEST, Pedro Bessa a écrit :

microsoft replaced the start button with a desktop
area that contains the favorite apps and all apps.
It's cool with a horizontal navigation. You see all
your dear computer things at the same time, so
you stop to comtemplate all your dear computer

please, place the dash panel in the desktop area.
the launcher takes the role of favorite apps, the
dash panel takes the role of all apps.

I don't like your nos. I want brainstorming. I want
this suggestion to evolve into something meaningful.

How has windows 8 inspired you?

Best regards,
Pedro Bessa

For now, about everyone seems to hate metro, it was probably a very bad idea from them, i don't think we should copy it in any way… useful or not, people love having a deskop.
I think they hate Windows 8, because the Windows 8 UI is a layer on top of the Windows 7 UI and while using Windows 8, sometimes you normally see the new Windows 8 UI and some other times, you surprisingly see the old Windows 7 UI like Microsoft is undecided, but the new Windows 8 UI, that is, the layer on top, looks beautiful and I want us to find inspiration in that beauty and do as good as it or even better than it.

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