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Launcher editor?


Will there be a launcher editor?

I've got the problem right now that Google Chrome's GPU acceleration
is broken on my system. I normally start it from a locked launcher,
but for now I have to start it from the command line to pass the
--disable-accelerated-compositing option. I tried unlocking the
launcher, starting from the command line, then locking the newly
created launcher, but the option didn't stick.

I don't know if I've said it here before or if somebody else has, but
I think there should be a directory of which the Launcher is one
representation. It should be possible to open the directory as a
regular folder. Since .desktop file are basically pure metadata or
properties, the file manager's file property panel should be made
sufficient to edit a .desktop file. Items which are not locked should
have .desktop files with names indicative of their temporary status.

This to me is bog standard stuff for a desktop environment.